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More information about the company and its expertise - Reflextrad

About me

After completing a degree in international trade, I finally chose to dedicate myself to my passion for foreign languages. In order to do so, I completed a Master’s degree in Translation at the Translation, Interpretation and Linguistic Mediation Centre (CeTIM) in Toulouse. This Master’s degree is accredited by the European Commission, which grants it the label of European Master’s in Translation.

As I am a passionate translator, I then decided to create my own company which I named Reflextrad. This allows me to manage all aspects of the translator’s job (customer prospecting, quotes, translation, project management, invoicing, customer relationship management). Being a freelancer gives me a major advantage: being in direct contact with my clients.

You can be sure that your documents will always be handled by myself when you call on my services. This special partnership allows us to establish a serious follow-up over time thanks to a history of our exchanges, specific glossaries for each client and to build a relationship of trust. Your translations will thus preserve the same style over time, which will strengthen your credibility with your clients.

For the record, I chose to name my company Reflextrad using the first letters of my name (Remazeilles) and my first name (Florent). Now, you must wonder why I chose the word “reflex”…Well, simply because a good translation is the translation of a text that seems not to have been translated! Switching from one language to another is an art that can only be done instinctively (by reflex) not only thanks to our knowledge of languages, but also by an appropriation of the different cultures of the source languages.

My added value


Qualified and specialised translator. Terminology is strictly followed. Creation of glossaries. Attentive to detail for a clear and precise translation.


Your documents are stored in a secure environment. I can sign a confidentiality agreement upon request.

Single contact person

Get a professional result and direct contact with the person in charge of your project.

Respect for deadlines and customer concerns

Translations delivered on time, taking into account the specificities of each client.

My specialties

Aeronautical translation

Before starting my language course, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Science and Technology, which shows my interest in the scientific field. Over the years, I developed my skills in mechanics and electronics. Having grown up near Toulouse and being passionate about aviation, it seemed obvious for me to specialise in aeronautical translation. In addition, I was trained in ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English, which is a standard language for maintenance documentation in the aerospace industry.


Medical Translation

During my Master’s degree, I had the opportunity to discover medical translation through specific modules. This branch of translation arouses my greatest interest. In order to acquire complementary skills in this field, I also participated in seminars on medical translation led by specialists from the French Translators’ Association (Société française des traducteurs).


Communication and marketing translation

With a Master’s Degree in International Trade, I benefited during my studies from experience as an export agent. This made me aware of the importance of translation in commercial media. During my studies, I had the opportunity to translate press articles on the economic situation as well as communication and marketing materials (product presentation brochures, etc.). I also offer transcreation services on request. This technique consists of adapting the message of a product for a target market, taking into account cultural, linguistic and emotional factors.

My working method

In order to produce quality work and in accordance with the code of professional conduct published by the French translator’s association (Société française des traducteurs), I only translate from English and Spanish into my mother tongue which is French.

My interest in new technologies allows me to use the latest techniques in Computer Assisted Translation (CAT). It should be pointed out that these software programs are not machine translation solutions. The translator remains entirely in control of the translation. This tool has the advantage of allowing the creation of a translation memory of previously translated sentences. It is then capable of restoring them on similar sentences. This technology optimises consistency in terms of style and terminology within the same document, but also for associated projects.

Each company has its own terminology. In order to adapt to each of your specificities, I can work with you to develop a custom-made glossary. Do not hesitate to discuss it with me.

Before I hand over the translation to you, all my work is systematically proofread. For this purpose, I use professional software that allows me to identify errors such as repetitions, spelling, grammar and typographical mistakes.  

When choosing your translator, don’t neglect his or her areas of expertise. Your company’s credibility is at stake! It is, indeed, essential to understand the content of the text you are translating, to know the appropriate terminology and to respect the style.