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Communication and Marketing translation services - Reflextrad

Communication and marketing translation

Would you like to have an advertising campaign, communication and marketing support translated from English or Spanish into French?

In order to maximize the impact of your media, the translation must necessarily go through a specialized translator who will rewrite the initial message while retaining the meaning, tone, style, context or intention.

This specific translation work is called “transcreation”. It involves grasping the cultural references of the original media and adapting them to the target culture.

Reflextrad guarantees that you are dealing with a translator with a degree in translation and international trade who will be able to meet your expectations.

I accept all types of commercial supports such as :

  • Websites
  • Product presentation description sheet
  • Leaflets/ Brochures
  • Recommendations
  • Packaging
  • Promotional products
  • Sales locations
  • Point of sale displays

If you need further information, please go to the “Contact” page.

Do not hesitate to ask for a quote.